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Customised research

At Research Bank our greatest selling point is that all our services are fully client-driven and customisable to meet your specific needs and objectives. Our bespoke research services are purely ad-hoc and on-demand.

At Research Bank we have a wealth of experience in researching a large range of commercial projects. Research Bank provides companies and individuals with fast and accurate business research and analysis and we specialize in primary data-gathering through desk research.

All research projects are carried out by our in-house team of highly skilled researchers who draw on their extensive experiences to date. No two projects are the same and both quantitative and qualitative research techniques are used. Research Bank has the skills necessary to gather, analyse and present competitive intelligence across multiple markets, countries and regions. Research Bank will carry out the data collection, analysis and on delivery of concise reports will facilitate your decision making when you have all the necessary information.

A further strength at Research Bank is that given our relative size, we have fewer overheads than other companies and our rates are competitive while ensuring high quality returns.

What is the typical customised research process? There is no typical process as each project is unique, the start point is to contact us and begin the process of discussion and evaluation as to the project objectives and feasibility.

Please contact us to discuss your customised research requirements in more depth.





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