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Competitive Intelligence

In an ever changing world, it is vital to stay abreast of competitor companies and their products. Corporate change and innovation is ever more rapid and where change was once measured in months, it is now more likely to be daily.

How best therefore to keep up-to-date and ahead of the pack?

At Research Bank we have skilled in-house researchers ready to undertake your competitive intelligence projects.

There is a vast amount of readily, and not so readily available information on the Internet. While increasing availability of data is a very welcome benefit, it can often be overwhelming to find a start point that leads to a conclusive outcome.

Persistence is a necessary skill as we do not take no for an answer and will dig and delve until fulfilling the determined goals.

At Research Bank we have core skills in competitive intelligence and our projects are totally customizable to meet your requirements.

We will analyse competitor strategies, tactics, goals, capabilities and seek out elusive business information. No two projects are the same and we will happily investigate your research needs. We carry out Internet based research, telephone surveys and interviews, mail and email questionnairing. All services are carried out discretely and ethically.

Please contact us with your potential projects. After initial contact we will revert back to discuss the viability of your competitive intelligence requirements and develop logical next steps.





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