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About Research Bank

Research Bank was founded by David Shave.

David comes from a research background having worked in the market research and company profiling industry for more than 10 years.

Our products are growing and this website will grow accordingly over the next few months as we begin to aggregate and roll out new products.

Research Bank concentrates on a small number of high interest companies globally.

Research Bank has taken the decision to cover only a small number of companies and industry sectors due to our commitment to the quality of the product and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Research Bank has a trusted and tested research and editorial methodology that guarantees consistent quality control.

Our goal is to create high calibre company reports and we welcome any feedback to ensure critical self-assessment and continued commitment to the product and our clients.

In addition to company profiles we provide customised research services, database maintenance and enhancement, competitive intelligence and sectoral analysis services. Research Bank's greatest selling point is that all of our services and products are fully customizable and client-driven.




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