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UBS AG Company Profile

Bahnhofstrasse 45 Tel: +41 1 234 11 11  
CH-8098 Zurich Fax: +41 1 236 51 11  
Date of Establishment 1998
Employees 64,617
Ticker Symbol Swiss: USBN. New York: UBS
SIC Codes 6021
Sector Banking and Finance

UBS AG Principal Activities and Company Overview

UBS AG provides banking and financial services.

Formed in 1998 through the merger of merger of Union Bank of Switzerland and Swiss Bank Corporation.

The Bank operates through four business groups and the Corporate Center:-

� Wealth Management & Business Banking: comprised of two business units: Wealth Management providing products and services for affluent Swiss and international clients; Business Banking Switzerland providing a full range of banking services to individual and corporate clients.
� Global Asset Management: providing investment products and services to institutional investors and wholesale intermediaries.
� Investment Bank: comprised of two business units: Investment Banking & Securities providing products, research, advice and access to the world�s capital markets for intermediaries, governments, corporate and institutional clients. Private Equity is the private equity business unit of Investment Bank, investing UBS and third-party funds, primarily in unlisted companies.
� Wealth Management USA: providing wealth management services to affluent US clients.
� Corporate Center: in addition to ensuring central functions this group holds private label banks.

UBS AG Board of Directors

Kaspar Villiger, Chairman
Michel Demar�, Director
David Sidwell, Director
Rainer-Marc Frey, Director
Bruno Gehrig, Director
Ann F. Godbehere, Director
Axel P. Lehmann, Director
Wolfgang Mayrhuber, Director
Helmut Panke, Director
William G. Parrett, Director
Joseph Yam, Director
UBS AG Leadership, Senior Decision Makers and Key Executives

Oswald J. Gr�bel, Group Chief Executive Officer
John Cryan, Group Chief Financial Officer
Markus U. Diethelm, Group General Counsel
John A. Fraser, Chairman and CEO Global Asset Management
Marten Hoekstra, CEO Wealth Management Americas
Carsten Kengeter, co-CEO Investment Bank
Ulrich K�rner, Group Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer Corporate Center
Philip J. Lofts, Group Chief Risk Officer
Francesco Morra, CEO Switzerland, Wealth Management & Swiss Bank
Rory Tapner, Chairman and CEO Asia Pacific
Alexander Wilmot-Sitwell, co-CEO Investment Bank
Robert Wolf, Chairman and CEO, UBS Group Americas / President Investment Bank
J�rg Zeltner, CEO Wealth Management Global, Wealth Management & Swiss Bank

Wealth Management & Swiss Bank
Michel Adjadj, Head Wealth Management Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa
Oliver Bartholet, General Counsel
Mark Branson, Chief Financial Officer
Bernhard Buchs, Head Banking Products and Wealth Services
Juerg Haller, Head Wealth Management International
Allen Lo, Head Wealth Management Greater China, Deputy Head Wealth Management APAC
Rolf Olmesdahl, Head Information Technology
Gabriela Maria Payer, Head Human Resources & Education
Niklaus Pfau, Chairman UBS France / Chairman UBS Monaco
Joe Rickenbacher, Chief Credit Officer
Alain Robert, Head Wealth Management & Business Banking Switzerland
Felix B. Ronner, Head Investment Products Structuring and Sourcing
Markus Ronner, Head Products & Services
Kathryn Shih, Head Wealth Management Asia Pacific
Karl Spielberger, Head Corporate & Institutional Clients Switzerland
Michael Strobaek, Head Investment Management
Ursula Suter, General Counsel (excl. US)
Michael A. Weisberg, Head Products & Services
Stephan Zimmermann, Chief Operations Officer

Diane Frimmel, Regional Chief Operations Officer US
John B. Hannasch, Head Marketing & Segment Management US
Tom Naratil, Chief Financial Officer
James D. Price, Co-Head Wealth Management Advisor Group US
Mark Shelton, General Counsel Americas
Anton Stadelmann, COO Wealth Management Advisor Group US
Michael A. Weisberg, Global Head Products & Marketing / Head P&S WMUS

Maria Bentley, Global Head Human Resources
Daniel Coleman, Global Head Equities
Thomas Daula, Investment Bank Chief Risk Officer
Suneel Kamlani, Chief Operating Officer
Carsten Kengeter, Joint Global Head FICC
Per Larsson, CEO of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
J. Richard Leaman III, Joint Global Head Investment Banking Department
Jeffrey Mayer, Joint Global Head of FICC

Mario Cueni, General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer
William J. Ferri, Deputy Global Head Alternative and Quantitative Investments
Gabriel Herrera, Head Europe, Middle East & Africa
Christof Kutscher, Head Asia Pacific
John C. Leonard, Global Head Equities
Paul W. Marcuse, Head Global Real Estate
Joe Scoby, Global Head of Alternative and Quantitative Investments
Paresh Sodha, Chief Financial Officer
Kai Sotorp, Head Americas

Scott G. Abbey, Chief Technology Officer
David A. Bawden, Head Group Portfolio and Concentration Risk Control
Charles Nicholas Bolton, Group Head Operational Risk
Gerhard Bruederlin, Group Head Human Resources
Thomas R. Hill, Group Strategic Advisory (GSA) and Financial Communications
Stephan Keller, Group Treasurer
Richard Metcalf, Head Group Risk Operations and Change
Neil R. Stocks, Head Group Compliance
Peter Thurneysen, Head Group Controlling & Accounting
William Frank Widdowson, Head Group Accounting Policy and Group SOX Officer

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UBS AG Selected Financial Data over 9 Years Selected financial information over 10 years to include revenue, profit before tax, net income, shareholders' equity, total assets, earnings per share and dividends per share
UBS AG Full Contact Details UBS AG Full Contact Details
UBS AG Analyst coverage UBS AG Analyst Coverage
UBS AG snapshot data and quick facts Consolidated and condensed data and quick facts such as revenues by segment, market share, geographical segment information, return on equity, R&D expenditure etc UBS AG snapshot data and quick facts Consolidated and condensed data and quick facts such as revenues by segment, market share, geographical segment information, return on equity, R&D expenditure etc
UBS AG List of competitors UBS AG List of Competitors
UBS AG Board of Directors UBS AG Board of Directors
UBS AG  Key Management & Decision Makers UBS AG Key Management & Decision Makers
UBS AG Executive Biographies UBS AG Executive Biographies
UBS AG Activities Overview and Company Background UBS AG Activities Overview and Company Background
UBS AG Office and Location Directory UBS AG Office and Location Directory
UBS AG Tradename UBS AG Tradenames
UBS AG Date of establishment UBS AG Date of establishment
UBS AG Number of Employees UBS AG Number of employees
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