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CRH plc Company Profile

Belgard Castle Tel: +353 1 404 1000  
Clondalkin Fax: +353 1 404 1007  
Dublin 22  
Republic of Ireland  
Date of Establishment 1970
Employees 76,418
Ticker Symbol Irish: CRHPLC
SIC Codes 2819 3211 3241 3273 3281 7353
Sector Building Materials

CRH plc Principal Activities and Company Overview

CRH plc operates in 24 countries and is primarily engaged in the supply and manufacture of materials and products for use in the construction industry.

The Company is divided into four Divisions, two in Europe: Materials and Products & Distribution; and two in the Americas: Materials in the United States and Products & Distribution in the United States, Canada, Argentina and Chile.

� Materials businesses are engaged in the production of cement, aggregates, asphalt and ready mixed concrete.
� Products businesses are engaged in the production of concrete products and a range of construction-related products and services.
� Distribution businesses are engaged in the marketing and sale of builders� supplies to the construction industry and of materials and products for the DIY market.

CRH plc Board of Directors

M Lee, Chief Executive Officer
A. Manifold, Chief Operating Officer
Maeve Carton, Finance Director
M.S. Towe, Chief Executive Officer Oldcastle, Inc.
K. McGowan, Non-executive director
W.P. Egan, Non-executive director
U-H. Felcht, Non-executive director
N. Hartery, Non-executive director
J.M. de Jong, Non-executive director
J.W. Kennedy, Non-executive director
D.N. O'Connor, Non-executive director
W.I. O'Mahony, Non-executive director
CRH plc Leadership, Senior Decision Makers and Key Executives
Myles Lee, Chief Executive Officer
G. Culpepper, Finance Director
Paul Barry, Internal Audit Director
Maeve Carton, Group Controller
Jack Golden, Human Resources Director
Angela Malone, Company Secretary
Albert Manifold, Chief Operating Officer
Rossa McCann, Group Treasurer
Jim O�Brien, Group Technical Advisor
Eimear O�Flynn, Group Planning Manager
Pat O�Shea, Group Taxation Director

Declan Doyle, Managing Director
Frank Heisterkamp, Business Development Director
Alan Connolly, Finance Director
Eamon Geraghty, Technical Director
Tony Macken, Business Development Manager
Tony O�Loghlen, Chief Operating Officer
Henry Morris, Regional Director Switzerland & Finland
Albert Manifold, Regional Director Iberia
Rauno Vaulamo, Managing Director Finnsementti Finland
Lauri Ratia, Managing Director Lohja Rudus Finland
Jim Nolan, Managing Director Cement Lime Division Ireland
Ken McKnight, Managing Director Irish Cement Ireland
Leo Grogan, Managing Director Premier Periclase Ireland
Donal Dempsey, Managing Director Roadstone-Wood & Farrans Group Ireland
Jim Farrell, Managing Director Roadstone Dublin Ireland
Frank Byrne, Managing Director Roadstone Provinces Ireland
John Hogan, Managing Director John A Wood Ireland
Noel Quinn, Managing Director Farrans Ireland
Declan Maguire, Regional Director Central Eastern Europe Poland/Ukraine
Andrzej Ptak, Vice President Grupa Ozar�w Poland/Ukraine
Sebastia Alegre, Managing Director CRH Spain
Josep Masana, Chief Financial Officer Spain
Josep Perxas, Divisional Director
Urs Sandmeier, Divisional Director Switzerland
Martin Glarner, Divisional Director Switzerland

Michael O�Driscoll, Chief Financial Officer
Gary Hickman, Vice President Tax & Compliance
Tom Hill, Chief Executive Officer
Mark Towe, President & Chief Operating Officer
Glenn Culpepper, Chief Financial Officer
Charles Brown, Vice President Finance
John Hay, Vice President Government Relations
Michael Brady, Vice President Development
� New England
John Keating, President New England Division
Christian Zimmerman, President Pike Industries
Jim Reger, President P J Keating
� New York/New Jersey
Chris Madden, President New York/New Jersey
Ciaran Brennan, President Callanan Industries
John Cooney, President Tilcon NY
John Odenbach, President Dolomite Group
George Thompson, President Tilcon NJ
� Central
Don Eshleman, President Central Division
Randy Lake, President Mid-Atlantic
Dan Montgomery, President Shelly
Dennis Rickard, President Michigan Paving & Materials
Dan Cooperrider, President West Virginia Paving
� West
Bill Sandbrook, President West Division
Jeff Schaffer, President Northwest Group
Shane Evans, President Southwest Group
John Parson, President Staker-Parson Group
Kurt Rasmussen, President Iowa Group

John Wittstock, Group Managing Director
Jan Redeker, Advisor
Peter Erkamp, Finance Director
Michael Stirling, Human Resources Director
� Concrete Products
M�irt�n Clarke, Product Group Director
Edwin van den Berg, Development Director
Ivan Kingston, Development Director
Marc St Nicolaas, Managing Director Architectural Products Benelux
Jan van Dongen, Managing Director Structural Concrete Netherlands
Rudy Aertgeerts, Managing Director Structural Concrete Belgium
Claus Bering, Managing Director Betonelement
Michel Welters, Managing Director BMI
Hans-Josef M�nch, Managing Director EHL
Shaun Gray, Managing Director Forticrete
� Sand-Lime
Mark van Loon, Managing Director Calduran Sand-lime Brick
� Clay Products
Liam Hughes, Product Group Director Ibstock Group
Geoff Bull, Finance Director Ibstock Group
Wayne Sheppard, Managing Director Ibstock Brick Ibstock Group
Jan van Ommen, Product Group Director Mainland Europe
Aidan Grimes, Finance/Development Director Mainland Europe
Claus Arntjen, Managing Director AKA Ziegelwerke Mainland Europe
Joanna Stelmasiak, Managing Director CRH Klinkier Mainland Europe
� Insulation
Kees Verburg, Product Group Director
Ger Barry, Finance Director
John Nash, Development Director
Harry Cremers, Managing Director PUR/PIR
Bart Kroesbergen, Managing Director Unidek
Frank Noehmer, Managing Director XPS/XPE
� Building Products
Erik Bax, Product Group Director
Erwin Thys, Finance/Development Director
Kees-Jan van't Westeinde, Development Director
Geert-Jan van Schijndel, Managing Director Fencing & Security
Gerben Stilma, Managing Director Daylight & Ventilation
Dirk Vael, Managing Director Construction Accessories
� Distribution
Stephan Nanninga, Product Group Director
Kees van der Drift,Finance/Development Director
Philippe Den�c�, Development Director France
Ren� Doors, Managing Director Builders Merchants Netherlands
Harry Bosshardt, Managing Director Builders Merchants Switzerland
Louis Bruzi, Managing Director Builders Merchants Ile-de-France
Emiel Hopmans, Managing Director DIY Europe
Jos de Nijs, Managing Director Roofing Materials Netherlands
Anton Huizing, Managing Director Specialist Merchants Netherlands
Richard Wachter, Managing Director Sanitaryware, Ceramics Switzerland

Joe McCullough, Chief Executive Officer
David Clark, Vice President Development
� Architectural Products
Doug Black, Chief Executive Officer
Kelly Elliott, Chief Financial Officer
Scott Salmon, Vice President Development
Bertin Castonguay, Director Research & Development
Georges Archambault, President APG Canada
Steve Matsick, President Glen-Gery
Pat O�Sullivan, President APG Concrete
Ted Kozikowski, President APG West
Pete Kelly, President APG Northeast
Keith Haas, President APG South
Paul Valentine, President APG Midwest
Jeff Dean, President APG Retail
David Maske, President Bonsal American
� Precast
Jim Schack, Chief Executive Officer
Bob Quinn, Vice President Finance
Dave Steevens, Vice President Development
Tom Conroy, President Northeast Division
Jan Olsen, President Southeast Division
Ray Rhees, President Central Division
Mark Schack, President Western Division
George Hand, President Eastern Pipe Division
David Shedd, President Communication Division
� Glass
Ted Hathaway, Chief Executive Officer
Dominic Maggiano, Chief Financial Officer
Daipayan Bhattacharya, Vice President Development & Technology
Jim Avanzini, Group President
Roy Orr, Group President
Bob Berleth Region President
Brian Moore, Region President
Dale Sensing, Region President
Chuck Kaplanek, President Commercial Projects Group
� Distribution
Michael Lynch, Chief Executive Officer
Robert Feury Jr, Chief Operating Officer
Greg Bloom, Vice President
John McLaughlin, Vice President
Brian Reilly, Chief Financial Officer
Dave Jenkins, Development Director
� South America
Juan Carlos Girotti, Managing Director CRH Sudamericana Canteras Cerro Negro
Alejandro Javier Bertr�n, Business Development Manager
Benjamin Fernandez, Business Development Manager
� Argentina
Carlos Val, Managing Director Superglass
� Chile
Bernardo Alamos, Managing Director Vidrios Dell Orto

Full CRH plc company profile includes*:-
CRH plc Selected Financial Data over 9 Years Selected financial information over 10 years to include revenue, profit before tax, net income, shareholders' equity, total assets, earnings per share and dividends per share
CRH plc Full Contact Details CRH plc Full Contact Details
CRH plc Analyst coverage CRH plc Analyst Coverage
CRH plc snapshot data and quick facts Consolidated and condensed data and quick facts such as revenues by segment, market share, geographical segment information, return on equity, R&D expenditure etc CRH plc snapshot data and quick facts Consolidated and condensed data and quick facts such as revenues by segment, market share, geographical segment information, return on equity, R&D expenditure etc
CRH plc List of competitors CRH plc List of Competitors
CRH plc Board of Directors CRH plc Board of Directors
CRH plc  Key Management & Decision Makers CRH plc Key Management & Decision Makers
CRH plc Executive Biographies CRH plc Executive Biographies
CRH plc Activities Overview and Company Background CRH plc Activities Overview and Company Background
CRH plc Office and Location Directory CRH plc Office and Location Directory
CRH plc Tradename CRH plc Tradenames
CRH plc Date of establishment CRH plc Date of establishment
CRH plc Number of Employees CRH plc Number of employees
CRH plc SIC Codes CRH plc SIC codes
CRH plc Ticker symbol / company type CRH plc Ticker symbol / company type
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